I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

I’m so incredibly proud of you. As you know, the first Sunday of every month we receive a benevolence offering. The way we tee it up is, “Any undesignated, loose cash that shows up in the offering baskets on the first Sunday is directed to our benevolence fund which we use to come alongside people experiencing times of crisis need in various ways – groceries, utilities, rent, etc.” Obviously, we can’t support people, or respond to chronic (ongoing) needs, but if someone needs a modest, one-time “leg up” we can help a little. So, we invite anyone that can and wants to to throw an extra $5, $10, $50 … into the offering basket.

However, occasionally, we reserve the right to hi-jack the benevolence offering opportunity and use it to respond to a need beyond our own community – as we did on Sunday. There has been so much weather-related devastation in our world (and nation) recently. Unfortunately, the options of needs to which we could respond are many, but, due to the extreme damage, loss of life, poverty and lack of resources, we chose to give to the tsunami relief effort in Indonesia.

And here’s the part that makes me so proud of you. On the spur of the moment, you all responded with great compassion and generosity and we were able to send a check for $2,000 to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to aid in the recovery effort! I know that’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to the great need, but that’s often how needs get met – with a bunch of drops in the bucket.

So, from the bottom of my heart, please allow me to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for giving and thank you for “being the church!”

Appropriately proud,