I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

This morning I heard a story on the radio about someone that secretly paid $45,000 at a Walmart to pay off what everyone had in lay-away for Christmas. How cool is that?! What an incredibly generous gift!!!

Then my mind went to you all and I thought, “A lot of stories of generosity crop up around Christmas time, but you’re not only generous during the Christmas season – you’re generous all the time! It’s who you are!!! And it’s because Christmas is not simply an annual holiday to you. It’s your life! The Christ of Christmas lives in you 24/7/365 and the God who gave his one and only Son is your pattern for living every day!”

We call it “being the church”!

I’m thankful for the many expressions of good will at this time of the year, but I’m more thankful for people like you who don’t simply “go to church,” but truly live out what it means to “be the church” all year long!


Thank you!!!