I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,
Wednesday night we had one of our “Conversations.” The topic was “Depression and Anxiety” – two issues that are at near epidemic levels in our culture – and our presenter was Dr. Judy Schwanz. It was a very helpful and insightful evening.
There is so much to learn about these difficult issues, but there was one quote from last night that I especially loved, “Depression requires all of us to respond in faith for healing.”
The point of that statement is not that we must all conjure up a name-and-claim-it “faith” in order for a person to be instantaneously healed of their battle with depression, but that we really need each other in order to find healing. We need the strength of a loving, encouraging, supportive, grace-giving community. And, of course, that’s not just true of depression; it’s true in every area of our lives!
And guess what? That’s why we call this place “Grace Community”!!!!! We have been called by God, and God longs to empower us by his Spirit, to actually be a “grace community” – a community of believers who don’t just attend church, but truly are “being the church” as we walk together into the wholeness and healing of Christ!!!
Thankful for a “grace community,”
PS – Feel free to come to these “Conversations” when you can. They’re really good!!!