I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church, In his book, All In, Mark Batterson says, “The church was never meant to be a noun. And when it turns into a noun, it becomes a turn-off. The church was meant to be a verb, an action verb.” Ok, so technically that’s not true. The word “church” is officially a noun, but it’s certainly not a noun intended to refer to a building. It’s a noun that refers to a people – a people belonging to God and sent into the world – the bride of Christ – the body of Christ – the body intended to be active in the world as the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus spreading the good news of hope, healing and salvation in word and deed. So, in that sense, I guess Mark Batterson is right. The word “church” does not refer to some inactive person, place or thing. It refers to what is supposed to be the very active presence of God in the world through the people of God. So, yeah, done rightly, it’s kind of a verb. Go ahead and “be the church.”   Joel