I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church, You might, but I never tire of these stories because I see the fingerprints of the Jesus who came, “not to be served but to serve,” all over them. This past Saturday evening I jumped on Facebook for a couple minutes and saw a post from Khrys Pugh. Sadly, Khrys lost her husband, Jared, a few years ago and is now raising their two kids by herself. That is a life fraught with many challenges, not least of which is the challenge of maintaining a house! I know I am stereotyping and there are definitely exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking house maintenance is not the specialty of most ladies (actually, it’s not my strongest suit either, but that’s another story). Imagine having the full responsibility of a task for which you are ill-equipped, and the accompanying financial burden, thrust upon you without a choice in the matter. Not fun! But here’s the cool part. Khrys’ post included pictures of some significant work being done on her house – voluntarily -- by some guys from Grace Community just because they love Jesus and they love Khrys. And it wasn’t a special “day of serving” or some kind of programmed event. It was just some guys loving Jesus and loving Khrys -- and their love was being expressed in meeting her need in a very practical way. Every time I see such a thing my heart swells with joy and I say under my breath (or maybe out loud), “Yay God! That’s what it looks like to be the church!” Thanks guys – you know who you are! Thanks for loving on Khrys and thanks for showing us what it looks like to “be the church.”  
Deeply grateful (and it’s not even my house!),