I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,   I told you this on Sunday, but it bears repeating. I love participating with you all in very hands-on ways in ministry to others. In fact, there aren’t too many things I enjoy more. However, I’m always super-encouraged when I hear of/see ministry happening through GC that I (or any of your pastors) have little or nothing to do with (at least directly). And that happened again this past Saturday.   The Spring Hill community calls it Daffodil Days. It’s a business expo where lots of vendors promote their products/services and lots of people come to mill around. The reason we go is two-fold I guess: (1) to give GC some exposure in the community. We don’t want to be the best kept secret in town. And, (2) to love on and serve people in the name of Jesus – which we did by serving free lunches to hundreds of folks. Granted, they were hotdogs, chips, cookies and water, but they were free! And people seemed to enjoy them – we gave away 500 of them!   I love being part of a local expression of Christ’s church that enjoys giving stuff away to bless the community. And I love being a part of a congregation that understands that ministry is the job of the whole church, not just the pastors. In fact, it’s fun when we’re not even needed!   Btw, you know what we call that, right? We call it “being the church” and its way more fun than simply “going to church.”   Happy, happy, happy!   Joel