I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church, This week marks a first for Grace Community. We hired our first ever FULL-TIME Pastor of Children’s Ministries – Pastor Margaret Tyler! (She was part-time throughout the summer, but begins full-time this week.) We’re so excited! A few people have asked me, “Do we have enough children to warrant a full-time Children’s Pastor?” And my response is always two-fold: 1. Yes – we have a TON of kids, and families with kids, connected to GC! 2. But, even if we didn’t have a ton of kids and families with kids, a full-time pastor (any pastor -- children’s or otherwise) worth their salt isn’t about simply focusing on the people we already have and maintaining programs currently in place. They’re about helping create and facilitate ministry by building into “the saints.” We all know we could never hire enough pastors to do all the ministry needing to be done in the world. A pastor’s job is not to “do all the ministry.” A pastor’s job is to lead Christ’s church – to equip and unleash the people of God – the body of Christ – to whom Christ has given gifts for ministry for the sake of the world. So, “Yay God!” for the opportunity to add a full-time Pastor of Children’s Ministry to our pastoral team, but please don’t, for one minute, think that means we don’t need the church (me and you) to “be the church” and carry out the ministry God has placed before us. Please pray for your pastoral staff and we will pray for you as, together, we carry out our call to “be the church.” Excited about our team, Joel