Biblically speaking
In the Gospels (the first four books of the New Testament) families are attempting to bring their children to Jesus and the disciples shoo them away. Jesus sees what is happening and says, “Let the children come to me!” Mark 10:13
A couple chapters later, Jesus teaches: “Love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy. And, love others as well as you love yourself.” Mark 12:29
Both of these continually inform the ways in which we join children on their spiritual journey–feeding a passion to know God, love God, love self and love others while also nurturing a strong sense of belonging!
We recognize family as the first and primary influencers in the lives of children. We consider it a sacred privilege to come along side caregivers in this work.
Over and again we witness children who grow in their love for God as they learn and serve along side a household who passionately loves God! This is not a magic formula by any means–but more about children learning to love who and what the family loves.
Whether you are currently exploring life in Christ or fully immersed in raising young disciples, Grace Community wants to partner with you.
We believe gathering is a significant–even necessary practice as we seek to live what we believe biblically and philosophically. On Sunday, at 9:00 and 10:45 there is a place for children of all ages to engage in this practice of gathering, to better know God, to know others and to be known.

For children who are nursing:

There is a quiet space just outside the sanctuary,
(exit side door) to find a comfortable and private space for nursing and care for babies. 

For children birth to 4th birthday:

You will meet a team of kind and gentle volunteers who look forward to the opportunity to care for the youngest among us. Nursery rooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys, supplies, snacks and rocking chairs.  
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For children 4-5 years, not yet in Kindergarten:

We recognize this age group may do their best learning when given space to use every part of their body. We plan for play, discovery, singing, hearing, seeing and touching the story of God. 
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For children Kindergarten-3rd grade:

Elementary worshipers have been about the work of learning their whole lives. We nurture an environment where asking questions as we dive deeper into the Bible is just what we do!  Sometimes this
…reliving the story through feasts, theatre and costuming.
…retelling as we search for our place in God’s big story!
…games, challenges, puzzles and small groups.
…singing, new friendships, prayer stations and much more!  
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