I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

This week there are three congregations – Grace Community, Freemont NE Church of the Nazarene and Olathe Westside Nazarene – collaborating on a preteen mission trip. Fifth and sixth graders from all three congregations are sleeping here at GC. They’ve been doing a VBS for the children living at My Father’s House in Paola and helping out with projects around their ministry campus. They’ve been serving in Lawrence (in connection with Lawrence First Church of the Nazarene) doing tornado clean-up. They’ve been worshiping together, learning together, building relationships with each other and serving together. In short, they’ve been both learning what it means to “be the church” and, actually, actively “being the church.”

(To see more pictures, visit our Hiz Kidz Grace Community Church of the Nazarene Facebook page.)

I’m deeply thankful for those who are making this week possible for our 5th-6th graders and I’m thankful that God is at work in and through their lives – both forming them to be and using them as his Church!!!