I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,
We use this space to talk about what it means, not to be a people that “go to church,” but to be a people that live out what it means (and what Jesus had in mind) to “be the church.”
Well, Pastor Margaret, our Pastor of Children’s Ministries, painted a pretty clear picture of what it looks like in her most recent monthly report to the church board:
The job no one wanted…
Last August, our preteens (5/6 grade) started prepping and planning toward a partnership with Olathe Westside and Freemont Nebraska churches for a 4-day/3-night mission trip.

  • 34 students and sponsors combined
  • GC served as the host church (aka, sleep, eat and training headquarters)
  • Mornings we offered VBS for resident children at My Father’s House
  • Afternoons we partnered with Lawrence First, disaster relief from the recent tornadoes

Although there are many great stories, I would like to share one.

LFC connected us with a nearby neighborhood hit hard by the tornado. There we met homeowner, Terri. Day 1 she explained she really needed was someone to walk her property to pick up twigs, branches, shingles, small pieces of glass and insulation. Until that was done, she could not safely mow the lawn or even walk in certain places. Our students went right to work walking the property and picking up and sorting bags (literally) of debris. Day 2 she was excited to tell us, because of your hard work yesterday, I was able to mow last night—for the first time since the tornado! Then, with tears in her eyes she said, there have been many adults show up with chainsaws and pick-up trucks and this has been so helpful. But every time I mentioned the need to clean this giant yard, it seems to go unheard. You kids need to know, you have taken on the job no one else wanted. I cannot begin to thank you enough!” 

I am so proud of their work, their attitudes and the posture of their servant heart.
Pastor M
This story reminds me of all kinds of things Jesus said – and did – but it also serves as a very clear illustration and demonstration of what it looks like to “be the church.”
Thanks, kids, for leading the way!!!
Learning from younger Christ-followers,