I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

I’m pondering this question concerning us, so I thought I’d write it down and send it out.

Who has the final authority in our lives? If our will is contrary to the will of God, who wins? If our wisdom runs contrary to the wisdom of God’s word, whose wisdom trumps (sorry if “trump” is a bad word for you. You’re welcome, if it is a good word. 😊)? If our way intersects perpendicularly (crossways) with the way of Jesus, do we change directions or wave (or perhaps try not to make eye-contact) and keep going?

“Being the church” means following the will, the wisdom and the way of Christ. And, God, by his great grace, has made available the means necessary to give our hearts the inclination and the power to desire and choose the will, way, and wisdom of Christ. This “means” is the Holy Spirit of God who longs to fill us, cleanse our hearts (allowing us to desire one thing above all other things) and empower us to follow Jesus – to genuinely “be the church.”

Just wondering, have you said “Yes!” to God’s invitation to surrender your whole heart to the Lordship (the unrivaled leadership) of Jesus and be filled with his Holy Spirit that you might “be the church” (his people) as God intends?

It really is the way to life that’s really life.


Just pondering,