I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

Our Community Engagement ministry expresses itself in a variety of ways. Last weekend (actually for three weekends in a row) we had some people from GC that put their work gloves and/or paint clothes on to do a fixer-upper project at an elderly man’s house. He doesn’t attend GC, but he lives alone and is no longer able to keep up with many of his home maintenance needs, so we volunteered to help him out. Perhaps you saw some of the pictures on our Grace Community Facebook page. If not, here are a couple to illustrate some of the before and after.

Well, that was last week. This week we’re seeking to “engage our community” an entirely different way (and not officially through our Community Engagement Ministry, but through our Children’s Ministry!) And, this week, instead of us going to the community, we’re inviting the community to come to us – for a Trunk or Treat!!!

If tradition holds, and if the weather cooperates, we’ll have hundreds of kids from the community (MANY of whom do not belong to GC) here on our campus for a couple hours of Halloween fun. But hopefully you know by now that the event is not about Halloween or candy. It’s about loving on kids and their families and building bridges of love and friendship between GC and the people of our surrounding area!

So, that’s why we’re “Calling all GCers” to help make this event a HUGE success – by inviting, dressing up and/or decorating your trunk, giving out candy, helping setting up, helping cleaning up, etc., etc. (if you need info about volunteering, contact margaret@grace-community.net) — because it’s not about Halloween or candy, it’s about “being the church.”

Hope you’re planning to help make it happen!!!!

It’s going to be a real TREAT!!!!