I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,

Here’s a word worth considering from Craig Groeschel’s book, Divine Direction,

We forget that we are not made to be spiritual consumers. God has called us to be spiritual contributors. And the church does not exist for us. We are the church, and we exist for the world.          

When my mind shifts from being a spiritual consumer — it’s all about me, what I want, what I get, what I prefer — to becoming a spiritual contributor, everything changes. I am here to serve God and to love people. I exist to make a difference. God created me to be a blessing to others. “My food is to do his will and finish the work he sent me to do.” When we stop just serving because it’s the right thing to do and instead start seeing ourselves as servants, that’s the moment when we die a bit more to ourselves and Christ is free to live through us to bless others.

 Here’s a fun assignment: ask yourself, “Am I more of a consumer or a contributor?” If you are a Christ follower, hopefully you are a valuable part of a life-giving church. When you think about church, how would you rate yourself? Do you drop your kids off in the nursery (without ever serving there), eat a free donut or drink a free cup of coffee, sit in a seat that someone else paid for, enjoy the service, then pick up your kids and go home? If so, you’re a consumer.   

On the other hand, do you use your gifts to make a difference? Do you invite people to your church? Do you pray faithfully? Do you tithe consistently? And do you serve passionately? Then you’re more of a contributor.

Not only is God calling us to serve in his church, he’s also calling us to serve as his church. Don’t miss this important distinction. Yes, we have the honor of serving other believers inside the church … But our most important ministry doesn’t happen inside the church. It happens as we are the church, shining his light into a dark world desperate for his goodness.


Praying for us as we live out what it means to be the church.