I Quit Going to Church

Dear Church,
Want to participate in two awesome opportunities to, not just “go to church,” but to “be the church”?
#1 – this coming Friday night, Sept. 21, we’re hosting the Second Annual Spring Hill Bronco Fever Tailgate Party from 5:00-7:00 pm at the homecoming football game! It’s a free event to which we invite the entire Spring Hill Community. (Please share the post on your Facebook page!) We give away free food (burgers and dogs) and free spirit-ware. We have yard games, music, inflatables and lots and lots of fun!!!!
And here’s an important not-so-secret for you if you don’t really give a rip about football or the Spring Hill Broncos. It’s not really about football or about Spring Hill High School. It’s just about loving on people. It’s about showing up, serving our community and, hopefully, somehow pointing people to Jesus by the way we love and serve and give.
#2 – on Saturday, Sept. 29, we have another awesome opportunity to serve and interact with our community. For several years now we have volunteered to walk behind the parade and pick up trash (fliers, candy wrappers, sucker sticks, etc.) and we’re doing it again this year – not because it’s fun (although we have fun doing it) and not because it’s glamorous (it’s certainly not), but simply as a way of loving and serving our community. Then, after the parade we’re hosting a booth in the park where we’ll give away snow cones, have fun with giant bubbles, have a slime factory for kids, etc.
You know the reason we do this stuff, right? We do it because “church” isn’t something we “go to.” It’s who we are. And as the church we’ve been sent into the world to love and serve people in Jesus’ name. And, even if it’s throwing parties, giving away food, picking up trash or making slime, if it allows us to rub shoulders with people for whom Jesus died and somehow be the “aroma of Christ” in our community, we’re in!
I hope you’ll volunteer to help!