Our Dream

. . . to be a church where we love one another boldly, forgive one another freely, serve one another sacrificially, and communicate with one another authentically
. . . . to be a church where people who don’t know Christ receive priority attention and where they are attracted to him by the winsome, authentic, lavish love of Christ that they see us display toward one another
. . . . to be a biblically functioning community of believers where people discover their God-given gifts and employ them gladly in the church for the good of the whole body, where the rich help take care of the poor and the strong help carry the weak, where hurting, struggling folks are not condemned, but cared for and healed and where all people are valued simply on the basis that they matter to God and, therefore, matter to us
. . . . to be a church where seekers can come and find a safe place where they can relate and an open invitation to belong and yet be drawn to a loving Christ who desires to wash away their sin and make them new and whole and clean
. . . . to be a church where it’s okay, even the norm, for people to be real, genuine, vulnerable and transparent, displaying the loving holiness of God that has been poured out in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.
. . . to be a church where new believers are nurtured, cared for, grounded in their faith and grow to maturity and where mature believers reproduce themselves spiritually in the lives of others
. . . . to be a church that looks beyond itself and beyond it’s immediate community to it’s larger responsibility of helping to fulfill the great commission of Christ to the very ends of the earth.
. . . to be a church that lives every day as an instrument of hope and healing and compassion and justice and restoration and beauty and righteousness and love in the world, in the name of Christ Jesus, to the glory of God the Father, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.