“Together becoming, and inviting others to become, authentic followers of Christ”

Our vision is way more qualitative than quantitative – although, we do want to invite as many people as possible into its pursuit. Here’s the way we understand it:

  • The life of following Jesus is not a “solo sport.” It’s a life together. From cover the cover the Bible teaches that we were created for community and we really do need each other. One of the most beautiful biblical expressions of this life together is found in Acts 2:42-47.
  • The life of following Jesus is not an event (although it often begins with a very intentional decision); it’s a transformational journey – a life of becoming. Though it is possible, and even God’s intention, that we would achieve some level of spiritual maturity, there is never a point (this side of heaven) that we arrive. We’re always in process – always becoming. Philippians 3:12-14 comes to mind.
  • and inviting others to become speaks of two things: 1. God has commissioned each Christ-follower to be an inviter – no matter how unlikely the invitee may appear on the surface. The truth is, we’ll never lock eyes with a person for whom Jesus did not die and to whom he has not issued an invitation to life. 2. Ours is not a job of brow-beating or finger-wagging; it’s a job of loving (even when we can’t approve of a person’s behavior) and passing out all the invitations we can. Have you read Luke 5:27-31 lately?
  • Though none of us are completely innocent of the sin of hypocrisy, Jesus seemed to have a great distaste for what we might call “spiritual pretenders.” The first four books of the NT (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are filled with clashes between such “pretenders” and Jesus. As his followers, Jesus calls us to a life of authenticity – a life in which we seek him sincerely, a life in which we are honest about our sin and short-comings, a life in which we recognize our need for one another, and a life that becomes increasingly genuine by his grace at work in us. Take a look at Mark 7:1-8.
  • This is not a life of adherence to a religious system. It’s a life devoted to Christ. Better yet, it’s a life that’s said “Yes!” to the radical, redeeming, restoring love of Christ. It’s all about him! He’s the Guide and the Goal. He’s the Way and the Destination. We say, with the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:10, “I want to know Christ!” And we’d love for you to join us on the journey!